The Journey Begins

Welcome to Castle View, which is another way of saying welcome to our back garden! There will be a lot to see here eventually, but this is only day one.  Our garden family includes Lola, Alice and George, with the chickens due quite soon. That’s George on the right, he’s very new – just over a week with us, only 10 weeks old… and Lola isn’t sure what she thinks about George just yet. Less scared than she (and we) thought she would be, but a little wary. She knows she doesn’t like dogs, but this one seems too little to be a problem. Still, early days… Alice is top, watching a fly… you’ll know everything is getting better when I can get all three in the same picture!

Mostly this will be pictures of animals and garden, but just occasionally a human will sneak in. And a building or two. Plus places we like.

And where is Castle View? Well the castle in question is the wonderful Dover Castle. Recently arrived, slightly baffled by the occasionally poor press that the town receives, we’re think Dover is a pretty good place to live – not without issues, like anywhere, but seaside, cliffs and castles, countryside, enough shops and more than enough history, it seems like it has earned the right to be a bit scruffy around the edges – and they are working on that.

Puppy socialising starts next week, and puppy training a few weeks after that – who knows how that will work out!

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